Precise care, reversal and prevention of chronic conditions

At, we understand that treatment for chronic conditions is not a one-size-fits-all solution.


Chronic Care Urgently Needs a Fix


Chronic diseases are widespread

120 million in U.S. and 1.3 billion globally have hypertension

37 million in U.S. and 537 million globally have diabetes

58 million in U.S. and 1 billion globally have behavioral health illnesses

Poor HTP Care icon

Generic care leads to largely uncontrolled disease

80% of patients have uncontrolled hypertension

clinician burnout icon

Significant clinician burnout

Emerging solutions like Remote Patient Monitoring can burden clinician capacity

Health coach based services are not scalable

Our Solution

AI-based Precise, Personalized and Proactive Care for Hypertension, Diabetes and Behavioral Health

Developing individual models as well as population level models, our AI platform identifies the primary causes for each person’s chronic disease, and guides them to focus on actions that are most impactful for reversing the disease. Our autonomous, precise and explainable AI-based interactions lead to high sustained patient engagement, significant reduction in chronic population and a drastic reduction in clinician workload.


• Aggregate activities, sleep, stress, diet and vitals data in high granularity

• Proprietary algorithms to capture trends and characteristics of data


Multimodal and Multi-dimensional Data Fusion

Multimodal and Multi-dimensional Data Fusion

• Personal model for focused insights

• Population model for demographic and socioeconomic insights


Personalized and Population AI Modeling

Personalized and Population AI Modeling

• Transform data and model to actionable lifestyle insight

• Qualitative and quantitative analysis using AI


Precise and Hyper-Personalized Care Pathways

Precise and Hyper-Personalized Care Pathways

• Explainable AI compared to black-box machine learning models

• Fine-tuned patient engagement strategy


Autonomous, Explainable Patient Engagement

Autonomous, Explainable Patient Engagement

• Configurable notifications for various use cases

• Dashboard providing potential care pathways


Optimal, Configurable Clinician Involvement

Optimal, Configurable Clinician Involvement

• Fully secured and HIPAA-compliant cloud based system
• Works with any wearable device, health monitor, EHR system
• Seamless integration with existing health system workflows


Inter-operable, Robust, Secure Platform

Inter-operable, Robust, Secure Platform
solutions with measureable outcomes

Providing Compelling Value Propositions for Patients, Healthcare Providers, Payers and Employers

At, we believe that managing your health should be simple, personalized, and focused. That's why we've developed an innovative platform that combines AI and wearables to help you manage chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes and behavioral health. Our AI-powered app offers precise guidance, empowering you to prioritize the lifestyle choices that matter most to you, without the burden of following generic guidelines.
  • • Preventing, controlling and reversing your chronic disease is simple and efficient


  • • Compatible with your current medication and health provider
With, you can provide personalized and proactive care to your patients, with configurable notifications and real-time insights based on their unique health profiles, with high and sustained patient engagement. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing EHR and clinical workflows, so you can focus on what matters most – providing excellent care to your patients while simultaneously reducing care cost and clinician burnout.
  • • Autonomous patient engagement tool to turbocharge your clinician’s workflow

  • • Significantly reduce the need for clinician intervention and cost of care

  • • Data-driven and precise care pathway that integrates with your EHR
We know that promoting healthy habits is essential to preventing and managing chronic diseases, and we are committed to helping your members or employees achieve their goals. With, your members or employees can develop personalized healthy lifestyle habits that are proven to prevent, reverse and slow the progression of chronic diseases, while reducing your associated risks and costs. Join us to enhance the value of healthcare and promote lifelong healthy habits for members.
  • • Lower your plan’s risks and costs with AI-driven and proactive care of chronic disease

  • • Value-based care initiatives and contract

  • • High adoption rate, with 90% engagement in the first year

Based on our clinical trials and pilots conducted with our health partners, we observe the following:

sustained patient engagement
75 %
reduction in chronic population
1 X
improvement in clinician workload
5 X

Our Partners

Patient Success Stories

Even without human health coaches, Parish felt like he had a dedicated team of mentors by his side to help manage his blood pressure.
Pauley experienced 27 years of chronic high blood pressure, but with, adopted lifestyle changes to effectively manage her condition.
David credits's disciplined monitoring and insights for his dramatic blood pressure improvement from 150/80 to 115/68 in five months.

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Our Leadership Team

Sujit Dey

Founder and leads

Sumeet Maniar

Leads business and partnership developments

Subasis Bose

Head India operations

Brian Khan

Lead physician advisor, leads clinical engagement

Jared Leitner

Co-founder and leads product engineering and delivery

Pohan Chiang

Co-founder and leads research and development

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