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Your Partner for Innovation is the accumulation of six years of R&D and clinical trials at UC San Diego – supported by Kaiser Permanente, UC San Diego Population Health, Altman Clinical Translational Research Institute, Samsung, Teradata and other industry leaders – which focused on using AI to precisely diagnose and treat patients with chronic conditions. The impetus for this work came from’s founder Sujit Dey, after a series of self-experiments determined that sleep was the greatest contributor to his hypertension. These findings motivated Sujit to develop a data-driven, intelligent solution to untangle the complex relationships between lifestyle and chronic conditions, as he was joined by former PhD students and co-founders Jared Leitner and PoHan Chiang. Assembling a distinguished team of physicians and experts, the company was launched in July of 2022 and has expanded its AI-based platform to cover chronic hypertension and diabetes, reaching global influence through health system partnerships around the world.

At the core of is our understanding that healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand how disorienting managing chronic conditions can be on your own. It can be a series of trial and error, or dealing with varying opinions from different people. That is why our team built a platform with a simple mission – to provide precise care for chronic hypertension and diabetes, so you can focus on the right actions for bettering your health with ease and clarity.

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